At Singing River Productions, we’re passionate about making movies, tv shows, webisodes, and even shorts.  If it's funny, it's our cup of tea.


On the set of The Evolution of Andrew Andrews

Singing River Productions, like so many beautiful things in life, was born out of necessity and desperation. We were struggling actors who didn’t understand how the Hollywood system is set up. We decided to study how other actors broke into the industry. After looking at the likes of Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Luke & Owen Wilson, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, etc., it was clearly apparent they had the same challenges we faced. The solution seemed to be taking destiny in hand and making one’s own projects.

We met in Cameron Thor’s Master Class at the Carter Thor Studio. After studying storytelling and honing our craft for nearly six years, it was time to make movies! We first produced short films, ending with Andrew Andrews. After our shorts were well received at festivals, we realized Hollywood, for the most part, doesn’t care about short films because frankly, there’s not much revenue in them. We decided to turn Andrews into a feature.

Making The Evolution of Andrew Andrews was not without its hurdles. This was Will’s directorial debut for a feature. Being a first time director was scary enough, but we were also producers, writers, and actors. At all times we had to be cognizant of what hat we were to be wearing.

Not only were there logistic and creative challenges being a small independent film, but also there were technical challenges in working with a newer technology like the Red Camera. Because the technology was so new, there were so few resources to turn to for troubleshooting during production - even the “experts” were still learning about this camera every day.

Finances were another struggle. We had an investment due to pay off in May. Production was scheduled for July. In May, we were notified the investment fell through, but the money for the film had already been spent. We maxed out credit cards (17 of them!) and used our entire savings to get the movie made.

Once the film was finished, we were in store for the next round of humbling lessons. There are no famous names in the film, nor was it ever our intention to package any. Big mistake. We were lucky to get into festivals, to win audience awards, and became one of the less than 1% of festival films to receive distribution.

We got married (by Cameron Thor) and now have two children (Olivia and Liam). We thought it would be hilarious if there was a disgraced Late Night show host with two young kids trying to resurrect his show from his living room. The Mr. Mom Show web series became our next project and was voted 97% -100% on Will Ferrell’s website Funnyordie, then got picked up by blip.tv.

In the end, all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. Andrews found its audience, striking a chord with the younger Millenials and the generation below them. We’re glad so many people can relate to a character forced to grow up and face the real world. Feels a bit like ourselves, really. We know we didn't make a movie that will change the world. But if we can make people laugh in these troubled times, we’re moving the world in the right direction.

In the words of our great former acting coach Cameron Thor, “Comedy is entertaining people with your pain.” We know a little something about that but have plenty of love to go with it.

Saddle Up! is next.

Will Klipstine & Amy Mills

Our Story

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.”

– Peter Ustinov